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Author Title Presentation Abstract
Edward Guinan The Proxima Centauri Star-Planet System: Planet and Stellar Properties from Time-Series Observations pptx n/a
Melissa Graham LSST overview and status key, pdf n/a
Tony Tyson LSST optical transient survey modes pptx n/a
Mark Wells Preliminary Results on the Performance of the LSST on the Detection of Eclipsing Binaries n/a n/a
Lynne Jones The Solar System and LSST key n/a
Colin Slater Image Differencing in LSST n/a n/a
Eric Christensen The Enhanced Catalina Sky Survey for Near-Earth Objects n/a n/a
Sarah Greenstreet Preparing for LSST with the LCOGT NEO Follow-up Network n/a n/a
Tim Lister The LCOGT NEO Follow-up Network pdf n/a
Ashish Mahabal CRTS: Recent Progress and Results n/a n/a
Patrick Taylor Arecibo Radar and Multi-Wavelength Collaborations on Near-Earth Asteroids key docx
Gareth Williams Implementing Minor Planet Center V2.x n/a n/a
Joseph Masiero NEOWISE: Overview and Recent Results pptx n/a
Larry Denneau The Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System (ATLAS) Update n/a n/a
Matthew Lehner The Transneptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II) n/a n/a
Dan Avner FRoST: Flagstaff Robotic Survey Telescope pdf n/a
Brian Burt The State of MANOS and pdf, pptx n/a
Paula Szkody Lessons Learned from Past/Ongoing Survey Followups pptx n/a
Eric Bellm The Zwicky Transient Factory n/a n/a
Rafal Pawlaszek Project Solaris -- a global network of robotic telescopes. Current status and prospects pptx n/a
Michal Litwicki Environmental data acquisition system for Project Solaris n/a n/a
Roy Williams Skymap Viewer: Evaluating Observation Priority for Gravitational-Wave Follow-up n/a n/a
Maohai Huang SVOM Science Ground Segment pdf, recap n/a
Reed Essick Internal vetting and analysis of low-latency GW triggers n/a n/a
Samaya Nissanke EM Follow-up for LIGO n/a n/a
David Buckley The SAAO-SALT Transient Detection and Followup Program n/a n/a
Gautham Narayan ANTARES: Progress towards building a Broker of time-domain alerts key, pdf, link n/a
Jessie Christiansen Detection and Characterization of Exoplanets in the Era of Space-Based Transit Surveys n/a n/a
Michael Lund Exoplanets as Byproducts of Modern Surveys n/a n/a
Knicole Colon Multi-Epoch Surveys with the NASA K2 Mission pdf n/a
Tabetha Boyajian KIC 8462852: Where's the Flux? n/a n/a
Matthew Penny WFIRST: The Wide-Field InfraRed Survey Telescope and what we can learn from its microlensing survey? pdf n/a
Jennifer Yee The WFIRST Microlensing Survey: 2.8 sq deg of the Bulge at a 15 minute cadence n/a n/a
Keaton Bell Stellar Pulsations in Sparse Time Series Photometry n/a n/a
Scott Engle Revealing the Secret Lives of Cepheids Through Photometric Surveys and Multi-Wavelength Data n/a n/a
Bartlomiej Debski Light Curve Morphology of close binary stars: a tool for refined classification in large photometric surveys n/a n/a
Jan van Roestel Sky2Night pdf n/a
Scott Fleming Project Blacklight: Intra-Visit Variables with gPhoton pdf, pptx n/a
Tim Staley Software sustainability in Astronomy , link html
Rachel Street Optimizing Facilities and Infrastructure for Time Domain Science pdf n/a
Ira Snyder LCOGT Server Deployment and Monitoring: An Adventure in Automation pdf n/a
Curtis McCully BANZAI: An Open Source Data Reduction Pipeline for Las Cumbres Observatory n/a n/a
Nikolaus Volgenau LCO: around-the-world, around-the-clock operations pdf pdf
Andrej Prša 1% accuracy in fundamental stellar parameters? Not without an extensive redesign of eclipsing binary models n/a n/a
Darryl Wright Supernova Hunters: combining human and machine classifications n/a n/a
James Guillochon An Open Catalog for Supernova Data key n/a
Kyle Conroy Model-Centric All-Sky EB Catalog: collaborative open-science and optimizing follow-up efforts n/a n/a
Bryan Miller Gemini Operations and the Time Domain n/a n/a
Niharika Sravan Single versus binary star progenitors of Type IIb supernovae pptx n/a
Greg Schwarz Mandates and Narrative: Including data in your AAS Journal article ppt n/a
Vikram Ravi The hottest transients in the Universe n/a n/a
Tara Murphy The Dynamic Radio Sky: Transient Pipelines for ASKAP and the MWA n/a n/a
Howard Bond The SPIRITS Survey for Extragalactic Infrared Transients key n/a
Tina Peters Quasars Selected by both Color and Variability pdf txt
Vishal Kasliwal Extracting Information from AGN Variability pdf n/a